Jean-Claude TERRASSE

Already as a kid, Jean-Claude had shown special talents as a sketcher. During his early years, he had learnt all about the basic technique, reproducing as many subjects as he could.

When we met in school at the lycée Henri IV in Paris in 1975, he was in his comics and caricature period, quite influenced by french comics artist Marcel Gotlib.

Jean-Claude Terrasse

Jean-Claude Terrasse

It turned out that we became close friends. We practised football - often with our friend Dinh Le Van - and sometimes cycling together.

We enjoyed music a lot and this was the time we discovered pop music. These years were the turning-point between glittering-rock and the punk and new-wave era. At the end of the 70's, we were more or less into music making, involved with bands such as the excellent Micropiles.

This was Jean-Claude's pop music period (he had freed himself from former influences), and he was reproducing many records sleeves and creating posters for concerts or drawings for school papers and fanzines.

At the very beginning of the 80's, his style gained even more creativity and freedom. It was a rare pleasure watching him create a work out of a blank page, and trying to guess what was going to appear !

He had then reached what could be called a first maturity.

After having failed entering Paris best art-school, he experienced serious health problems, and his style radically changed. In this last period, his work became tormented, some drawings being very gloomy, some others being filled with the grimest humour.

On our last meeting, we saw the film "Pink Floyd, The Wall", and Jean-Claude and I were greatly impressed.

Jean-Claude Terrasse

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