Exhibition Modigliani, Soutine and the legend of Montparnasse, Pinacothèque

The exhibition focuses on the paintings that Jonas Netter, an inspired art collector, acquired from art dealer Léopold Zborowski. He was one of the first to buy paintings by Amedeo Modigliani (with Paul Alexandre) – acquiring some 40 paintings in about 15 years – and Chaim Soutine before the famous Barnes episode.

But his collection – and the exhibition – goes well beyond these 2 masters and includes works by Maurice de VlaminckAndré Derain, and artists who made up the Paris School: Maurice Utrillo (there are also paintings by his mother Suzanne Valadon),  Moise Kisling, Pinchus Krémègne, Michel Kikoine, and less famous artists.

In my humble opinion, there are some extraordinary paintings, others less remarkable. My attention was first drawn by several views by Utrillo (Porte Saint-Martin, Rue Muller à Montmartre, Square de Messine, Rue Marcadet, Église de Sermaize, Montmagny…) & some landscapes by Valadon (Église de Neyron, Vue de Corte, Sous-Bois) with lovely  colours.

In the next room, the works by Modigliani (a dozen) steal the show: Fillette en bleu, Fillette en robe jaune, Elvire au col blanc, portraits de Jeanne Hébuterne, de Soutine, de Zborowski, de Lepoutre! All these portraits are wonderful, capture the true personality of the model: look at/in the eyes of Jeanne’s portrait – I was simply captivated. In a corner, a rare double-sided painting by Jeanne Hébuterne.

Amedeo Modigliani Elvire au col blanc

Modigliani: Elvire au col blanc

Amedeo Modigliani Portrait de Zborowski

Modigliani: Portrait de Zborowski

Amedeo Modigliani Portrait de Jeanne Hébuterne

Modigliani: Portrait de Jeanne Hébuterne

Are also worth a careful look Derain’s Nu debout, a still-life and La femme au pull-over rouge by Kisling, a wonderful display of colour.

In the rooms after the few stairs, a discovery with the delicate Femme aux vases de fleurs by Adolphe Feder, 2 wonderful works by Vlaminck – Bord de Rivière, Bouquet de fleurs – several paintings by Kikoine (Anémones, Rue arborée) and landscapes by Krémègne (Céret).

Maurice de Vlaminck Bouquet de fleurs

Vlaminck: Bouquet de fleurs

Maurice de Vlaminck Bord de Rivière

Vlaminck: Bord de Rivière

Soutine’s works are the other highpoint of the exhibition: Portrait d’homme, Les Maisons rouges, Les Poissons, Autoportrait au rideau, L’Escalier rouge à Cagnes, La Folle, La Femme en vert, L’Homme au chapeau, les Arbres à Céret, La Fillette à la robe rose, Le Lièvre pendu

Chaïm Soutine Autoportrait au rideau

Soutine: Autoportrait au rideau

Chaïm Soutine Le Lièvre pendu

Soutine: Le Lièvre pendu

Chaim Soutine L’Homme au chapeau

Soutine: L’Homme au chapeau

The last rooms include some interesting works by Marcel Gaillard, René Durey, Celso Lagar-Arroyo, Aron Dejez.


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