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I launched the www.enkiri.com web site in 1998. At the time, few people knew about the internet, fewer people used it – which probably seems impossible to younger generations! Few tools existed, blogs were unknown, the web offered very limited interaction, nobody thought of such things as Social Media, networking, wikis or google…

As I love many forms of art – music, movies, painting, literature, sculpture, dance, architecture, theatre – but also sports, visiting new places, I started the site to talk about these. I have no special artistic or athletic gift – which does not mean I have not a good understanding of them or that I am unable to score a goal or sing! – so thought it would be much more interesting to share the emotion and beauty than talk about me or push any kind of music I enjoy(ed) making.

Another idea crossed my mind: write about things I dislike – and believe me there are quite a few. But I immediately realized that I did not want to waste my energy and “creative” skills on negative stuff. This is also when I decided I would include a section dedicated to some of the people who will undoubtedly remain in man history or art history and that should be admired by any person of good will.

I must admit that the site was a success far beyond any of my expectations: some 40,000 to 50,000 pages visited per month (less since the dictatorship of Wikipedia, SEOs…), hundreds of messages from all over the world, and in several cases making some friends.

But I have failed so far on one aspect: not having been able to create the different sections I had in mind (though some are under construction).

So this is basically the raison d’être of this blog. I’ll post here review of concerts, exhibitions, impressions of my trips and of the books or movies I’ve enjoyed.

This does not mean that the missing sections of the web site will never show up, I am sure they will sooner or later see the light of day.

In the meantime, there is always this.

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