Elisabeth Leonskaja plays Schubert at the TCE

Soviet Union was undoubtedly the land which “produced” the largest number of first importance female pianists: Maria Yudina, Tatiana Nikolayeva, Viktoria Postnikova, Elisabeth Leonskaja, Eliso Virsaladze, Ludmila Berlinskaja to name but a few.

Leonskaja was in recital at the TCE in a program that was supposed to be Schubert only, but she had planned some surprises.

The first piece was Sonata No. 3 D. 459: it was a chance to hear such a great performer in one of the early sonatas which are far too neglected today.

She then addressed the audience explaining that she would play Arnold Schoenberg’s 6 Little Piano Pieces Op.19, and what a performance that was!

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