Exhibition L’Esprit Singulier – Collection of Auberive Abbey – at the Halle Saint Pierre

During the summer of 2016, the Halle Saint Pierre in Montmartre hosted the exhibition L’Esprit Singulier, with works from the collection of Auberive Abbey. If certain artists present in the collection were missing in Parislike the great Egyptian born painter Ibrahim Shahda or the Spaniard Antonio Saura visitors could see several major contemporary artists and some good surprises.

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Exhibition Shahda, at the Lazaret Ollandini in Ajaccio

The Lazaret Ollandini is a unique and major cultural center in Corsica: it hosts various activities, like concerts of all genres, lectures, art exhibitions and a permanent collection of sculptures by Marc Petit.

This summer temporary exhibition is dedicated to Ibrahim Shahda, and offers a rich panorama of his work in very pleasant surroundings.

When visiting the exhibition and the permanent collection, one can quickly make a connection between Marc Petit’s sculptures and Shahda’s portraits and self-portraits and tag them – if one likes to give tags – as expressionists. Not surprising if you think that the last important exhibition of Shahda in Paris took place in the Galerie Polad-Hardouin, which is one of the foremost expressionist gallery in the capital city.

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Exhibition Ibrahim Shahda, Aix-en-Provence

A selection of paintings by Ibrahim Shahda, the Egyptian born painter who moved to France in the 1950s, was exhibited in Aix-en-Provence.

In contrast with the 2009 exhibition in Paris and the recent one in Marseilles, which focused on portraits and self-portraits, the works on display also included still lifes and landscapes.

There are at least two fascinating things with Shahda:

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Exhibition Ibrahim Shahda, Marseilles

Ibrahim Shahda, who was born in Egypt but decided to live and work in France, is one of these major artists who has not yet the general recognition his work deserves.

I see mainly 2 reasons for this: he painted portraits, still lifes and landscapes in a time where abstract art ruled ; and he always refused concessions if he believed his art would suffer from them.

As in the 2009 exhibition which took place in Paris, the current exhibition focuses on portraits and self-portraits.

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