Trips through Europe

I have visited 20+ European countries since 1985, as you can see on the map.

Each country - often each region in a country - has its own beauty and genius but all also have much in common, sharing roots and history. From the Greeks and Romans through the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classic and Romantic eras up to modern and present times, the European people and artists have created many wonders. They are the reminder that in spite of tyrants of all sorts and inconceivable barbarity, some men have served beauty and/or peace, trying to be in harmony with nature or God.

I have selected about 16,000 photos from these numerous trips.
Click on your chosen country to see pictures of places I particularly enjoyed.

Film photos until June 2011 (scans), digital photos since (resized).

Austria  (787)
Belgium  (323)
Czech Republic  (361)
Denmark  (93)
England  (1090)
Finland  (2)
France  (3400+)
Germany  (2446)
Hungary  (25)
Ireland  (110)
Italy  (1836)
Luxembourg  (150)
Netherlands  (316)
Norway  (61)
Poland  (244)
Portugal  (901)
Scotland  (57)
Slovenia  (268)
Spain  (2043)
Sweden  (147)
Switzerland  (946)
Wales  (51)

France France Spain Spain Portugal Ireland Wales Scotland England Belgium Luxembourg Netherlands Switzerland Italy Italy Italy Austria Hungary Czech Rep. Germany Denmark Sweden Norway Finland Slovenia Poland Europe Map

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