Joy Division - The Eternal

Joy Division were an English band composed of:

Ian Curtis (vocals)

Peter Hook (bass)

Stephen Morris (drums)

Bernard Albrecht/Sumner (guitar)


Ian Curtis
Photo © Kevin Cummins
reproduced with kind permission


Peter Hook
Photo © Paul Slattery
reproduced with permission


Stephen Morris
Photo © Kevin Cummins
reproduced with kind permission


Bernard Albrecht/Sumner
Photo © Steven Richards / Rockphotos
reproduced with kind permission

They emerged from the punk movement in 1976 and became in less than 4 years the ultimate post-punk group
- including in the eyes of bands like U2, Echo And The Bunnymen, OMD, The Sound or The Cure

Joy Division's music is at the same time dark and limpid, oppressing and liberating, dramatic and stimulating, interrogative and exhilarating. It is made of what life is made of: dreams, uncertainty, energy, tiredness, joy, pain, love, fear, rage and passion.

At the end of the 70s and beginning of the 80's, veracious post-punk or new-wave bands were interested in expressing what they felt, thought, lived and liked or disliked - not in trying to make money or get famous.

In the Mancunian group's music and attitude there is a feeling of absolute emergency - one needs just to watch or listen to their gigs to be convinced of it. No cheating, no advertising (no musician name or picture on the record sleeves), no marketing strategy.

They are there because they have to. Absolute urgency, as the need for your lover's eyes and arms, the comfort of a friend or the smile of a child; urgency that pushes you to the limits, and even further.

Joy Division
Photo © Paul Slattery
reproduced with permission

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