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Paris Les Bains-Douches 1979

Joy Division Paris Les Bains Douches 1979

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I had been dreaming of Joy Division for six months, since I bought their "Unknown Pleasures", whose sound, design and madness fascinate me. These guys like to remain mysterious, even at home. Joy Division don't like pictures. Joy Division love working in a studio. The band is part of the current mancunian madness. And these young modern men are similar to the lunatics who are locked away.

Look at the singer, Ian Curtis, who moves on stage like a jerky top, his voice rising from the limbos, on violent and rumbling guitars, uneasy like the stick bang on the drums. He never learnt how to dance! The bass player often plays chords on his bass, a six-string model. Imagine the sound! The tension which rises with the voice, a mix of Bowie and a decent psycho. The guitars return from hell with distorted and twisted sounds, the melodies sound like little girls who lost their way. Anxiety reigns in the city. Yet the synthesizer leaves traces of another life: "Transmission" their new single, shows a different way. Joy Division do not play pessimistic music. They reflect a city whose past was brilliant, but whose present seems dangerous, dark, uncertain.

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