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New Order: Paris La Mutualité 1987

New Order Paris Mutualité 1987 ticket

Tuesday 08/12/87

I had missed their previous gig in Paris, I was not going to miss this one! La Mutualité, located in the quartier latin in Paris, is sometimes used as a concert hall - but more often for political meetings! The place was crowded with New Order fans (they have not played that often in France, and Joy Division only once). The atmosphere was quite electric, everyone wanted to be inside first.

The band live has a loud and mean sound, quite different from their studio recordings. They started with "Bizarre Love Triangle", "Touched By The Hand of God", played "State Of The Nation", and a fantastic "True Faith" : you get all what New Order is in that performance, all the dance thing and all the rest, the mystery that makes them unique.

Paris Mutualité venue

"As It Is When It Was" followed, and then two masterpieces : "Paradise" with its terrific beat and "586". I was on the first floor, in a general hustle, and I could see everyone dancing the pogo like crazy. I have been to a lot of gigs, including some by Echo And The Bunnymen, U2, The Cure, Midnight Oil, but this was absolute frenzy.

If that is New Order live, what was Joy Division then! Incidentally, I met some lads who were in Les Bains Douches in December 79, lucky fellows.

Bernard Paris Mutualité 08/12/87                Stephen Paris Mutualité 08/12/87
Photo © Fabrice Chassery                                                                                          Photo © Fabrice Chassery
reproduced with permission                                                                                    reproduced with permission

Peter Paris Mutualité 08/12/87                                                             Gillian Paris Mutualité 08/12/87
     Photo © Fabrice Chassery                                                                                                                        Photo © Fabrice Chassery
     reproduced with permission                                                                                                                  reproduced with permission

Then they played "Face Up" and "Temptation", and delivered another KO with "Age Of Consent". I had always been told that New Order rarely played for more than an hour, and I feared it would be over soon. But they played "The Perfect Kiss", and their stunning "Blue Monday". That was the finishing stroke. Except that they were back to play "Sister Ray"!

Paris Mutualité venue

All in all, the gig lasted almost 1h25, and once we were outside, we all had happy smiles on our face, unaware of the cold, but totally aware of the privilege we just had to witness this special moment in time - as a matter of fact, the concert had been sold out for months.

Thanks to Viet for giving me the opportunity to revive these memories!

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