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Peter Hook's The Light: Paris Le Trabendo 2011

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Thursday 10/03/11

Le Trabendo was packed with fans of all age, the gig being sold out for weeks. Peter Hook's The Light arrived on stage around 9:30pm, after local support band Frustration - who sing in English a mix of punk, new-wave and electro. Many fans were wearing Joy Division t-shirts, most of them the famous "Unknown Pleasures" waves.

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Hooky chose "Atmosphere" as the opener. The sound and balance were already in place - which was not such a common thing with Joy Division & New Order! A good thing for this great song. Next were 2 Warsaw songs, "No Love Lost" & "Leaders Of Men", with raw power, followed by "Glass" & "Digital" both with the appropriate energy. Then they played all songs from "Unknown Pleasures". "Disorder" was very good, "Day Of The Lords" simply excellent, "Candidate" was good, "Insight" just going better and better. "New Dawn Fades" was may be missing a little speed but was quite enjoyable also, with a very beautiful sound. "She's Lost Control" was played at a quick pace in a rather raw way, perfectly fitting with the rest of the songs. "Shadowplay" was also brilliant, "Wilderness" scary, "Interzone" superb. They naturally ended with "I Remember Nothing", a song I had always dreamt of live, and was not disappointed with! The band were back for 3 encores, first "Warsaw", then a great rendition of "Transmission" and, dedicated to Michel Duval, an enjoyable version of "Love Will Tear Us Apart".

Peter Hook's The Light Paris Trabendo 2011 set list
Many thanks to Camille!

Hooky and the Light played for 1 hour and 20 minutes, and really seemed to enjoy themselves. Now I've read here and there that some people were unhappy with Hooky reviving Joy Division's material and I think I've heard a couple of boos at the end of 1 or 2 songs at the beginning of the "Unknown Pleasures" part of show, then no more. It is pretty obvious that Hooky and Ian's voices are not very similar but the booers probably realized that the gig was good enough and the band doing their best. Hooky sang on all numbers, his voice fitting some songs better than others, but basically he did a really great job. Yes, hearing all these songs sung by someone else than Ian was a strange experience, but it was a unique opportunity to hear Joy Division songs performed by someone who created them, and has all the necessary insight and respect. I was a bit wary before going to the concert, but I must say that I enjoyed it very much - and was apparenly not the only one as it took ages for the audience to leave, and was confirmed by the other fans I talked to, young and old.

Peter Hook's The Light Paris & Caen 2011 set lists
Many thanks to Camille!

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